Valentines For Vets – Meeting on 2-14

Valentine's For VetsPlease arrive at the Squadron Building NO LATER THAN 1800.


Cadets, for this week’s meeting, we will be visiting the VA Medical Center to deliver our Valentine Cards.  Please remember to arrive at the squadron building NO LATER THAN 1800.

As Capt. Mast said in her email,

We will need to leave earlier in order to arrive at the Center by 1830. Visiting hours are over at 2000, so we may be back to the squadron a little earlier than 2100. Uniform is BDU’s, and if you have not made your Valentine cards yet, please bring them with you on Tuesday. I’ve been really amazed so far at the creativity of the cards received thus far!! Lets have maximum participation for the sake of our vets. Parents are welcome to accompany in POVs if desired.

You will also need to have your parents sign a MER Parental Consent form (click link to download PDF form)

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